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When you think about what to make for dinner does your inner dialogue sound like (insert expletive here)? Is it a struggle trying to figure out what to eat? Do you go grocery shopping and then feel like you don’t know what to make? Are weeknight meals a source of constant frustration? Do you end up having take-out or some dismal, forgettable “something” because deciding what to eat at mealtime is just one more thing “on your plate”?

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If you can relate to these issues,

. . .


Don’t worry, that is where I come in! Save money and time! For about the cost of a take-out meal, you can get your very own customized meal plan. You’ll also save on wasted groceries since you’ll cook what you buy! You will go to the grocery store and buy with confidence, knowing all the great foods you buy will be used - and enjoyed. You’ll know what you need to do each evening to make dinner a success. Breakfast is a snap on those hectic weekdays AND lunch is a breeze with leftovers or easy make-ahead options!

These meal plans are customized to suit your unique
wants, needs and goals.

Examples of accommodations include; eating style (keto, paleo, gluten-free etc.), intermittent fasting, beginner cook, kid-friendly and more! The options are pretty much limitless. Simply tell me your eating wants & needs and I’ll take care of the plan for you.

You will have the opportunity to specify your meal plan desires when purchasing.